Wall Flowers Fight Flowers 2010

Out 19, 2009 teamgunn


This time Teamgunn went further… We went to the 09 Portugal Fashion edition

Last week we received an unexpected invitation…And between our waiting for a answer from each other, we just decided that we had to go.

What did we want to see???

Storytailors of course.

We were curious about them all, but Storytailors will always be Storytailors.

Let the show begin “Wall Flowers/Fight Flowers”

Spring Summer 2010 Storytailors, with a room that was unexpectedly full. There were people standing up to see this.

We certainly weren´t, but to see Storytailors, if we had to, i think we would have standed up too.

IMG_3876As you can imagine, the theme was flowers, and fabrics had flowers, but better than that, they had two imitating “Glasshouse for plants” were the flowers (models) would get in and wait for their turn to cross the catwalk.

IMG_3880The colors were all about red/purple/grey/beige and some black & white with lots of flowers







Every collection from Stoyrtailors is noticed, for the details. You can distinguish their collection from others, because their brand mark is there.Always.

Look out for the details.

Different shaped skirts

Big shoulders

And my next acchivment the heartshaped necklace


Despite loving the Storytailors colection, i believe it wasn´t their best show. They are holding too much of themselves, and with this i mean, they might need to runaway from their brand mark and do something different, and not, something much the same as themselves.

All fotos by Kininha